Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Egyptian Museum

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This museum is home to the most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world. Of course, it should have the most extensive collection since it's in Egypt for crying out loud.

Established by the Egyptian government in 1835. They exhibit more than 120,000 collections. This is located at Tahrir square, Cairo, Egypt.

It's also the first big museum, I've ever been too. Photographs are not allowed inside, so I can’t show what’s inside the museum.

It contains a lot of coffins (made out of granite, limestone or covered with gold), statues, tables, jewelries, the treasures found from King Tutankhamen's tomb, weapons, instruments, chariots, and other stuffs .

Of course this is where you will see the mummies - they have a Royal Mummy Room and you have to pay for another extra to go inside. We did not get to go inside because almost everyone’s itching to get out of the place - medyo mainit rin ang museum plus everyone’s tired.

This is also where one of the scenes in the blockbuster hit movie "The Mummy" was shot.


dimaks said...

Egypt is one of the places that i would love to travel to.

greetings Tina!

Nona said...

Hi Tina, I miss you na. Long ime no hop ako. So busy gurl...sowee po.
Wish ko rin makapuntang Egypt. Ang galing ng Facade ng museum, very antique.

tutubi said...

it's an historian and archeologists' "cave" :P

hope to be there someday

fruityoaty said...

Egypt is definitely on my list of things I must do/visit before I die.

Mari said...

Ah, that's one place I want to go. When we were at the Louvre in Paris, my husband wanted to see the mummies; and I wanted to see the Mona Lisa painting. Right after we saw the mummies it was closing time already...so I never got to see Mona Lisa. Darn!

Someday, maybe, I'll get to go to Egypt.

Rajshekhar Karlekr said...

interesting article and good information about the museum. The Egyptians were the people who really experienced the abundance and made the pyramids to inspire all of us to live an abundance life. Best luck

MeL said...

Wow, I'd love to go there someday, too. :) Madadagdagan na naman ang mahabang list ko nito.