Sunday, November 16, 2008

Egypt: Papyrus Factory

Papyrus Papers - the first paper in the world and is very much associated to Egypt.

Papyrus plants grew almost exclusively in the region of the Nile delta and the dry climate made it possible for papyri to endure, in most cases, for over 2 millenia. The use of papyrus as a writing material goes back to extreme antiquity. The oldest written papyrus known to be in existence is, according to Kenyon (The Paleography of Greek Papyri, Oxford, 1899), an account-sheet belonging to the reign of the Egyptian king Assa, which is conjecturally dated circa 2600 B.C.

Got a chance to see how a papyrus paper is made at one of their factories. They have nice collections of paintings done on a papyrus paper. Kinda expensive though. *oh well*

Pictures aren't allowed daw.. but I managed to get one before they said that. Hehe. *peace*


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Hi tina, it's Eli.. makikipost lang ulit, thanks thanks!