Thursday, April 03, 2008

Payment Processing

Nowadays, almost everything is processed online specially our payments. And, sometimes there is just so much information and something new always comes up when it comes to payment processing. There are probably many a good "informational sites" about payment processing scattered just about anywhere in the world wide web. But, there is something better compared to those informational sites and it is what we call the Payment Processing Forums.

Yes, a forum. A forum is a good medium to seek out help and be updated by what's new whenever it's about payment processing. It has forums about the different internet payment service providers with discussions ranging from: General Payment Processing, E-Gold and E-bullion, Merchant Accounts, Paypal Discussion, Moneybookers, and Bank Accounts and Internet Banking. It also has forums about Electronic Payment Gateways and E-Currencies with the following discussions: Payment Gateways with and Credit Cards each with their own sub-forums. It has forums about Fraud and Chargeback Prevention (and I'm sure that place would have a lot of people who frequents it so as they would get updated) with discussions about Online Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Fraud Detection and Prevention and Chargeback and Refunds. It also has forums about Business with discussions in Ecommerce, Marketing and Webmasters. They have topics like: What is VCC? What is Payflow? Click Fraud and Marketing Mix Analysis.

Of course they also have forums where you can introduce yourself freely and some free talks that are out of topic ( a forum where you get to know other people who frequent the Payment Processing forum). A forum wouldn't be complete without a "Suggestion and Feedbacks" discussion and so they have it too making it a complete one stop drop about Payment Processing.

So, if you have questions about Payment Processing go and visit their forum to get answers and share knowledge and experience to others.

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