Monday, April 07, 2008

Martha's Flowers

There are new Martha Stewart's products over at 1800 flowers and is distributed exclusively. I checked it out and oh how much I wanted to have one of those martha stewart plants they have over there.Of course, these new martha stewart flowers are just so lovely and they come with a unique vase perfectly suited for the flower arrangement. How fitting! They also have a page where they give you tips about finding a perfect vase (since vases are vital to your arrangements because they balance the floral display and as well adds visual interest) for your flower arrangement. Isn't it just nice?

I saw a Martha Stewart Rose and Nerine Bouquet and it sure made me smile a million watts looking at the blend of the two colors (red and pink). If red and pink does not tickle you but it's green that brings the fresh feeling then the Martha Stewart Lotus Pod Bouquet would suit you - it is a symbol of hope and harmony. It also arrives with a ceramic bamboo grove vase.

Since, it's still a graduation week you can choose from various bouquets the perfect set for someone who just graduated. I really like the Martha Stewart Pink Tulip Bouquet in a clear glass vase - it looks so girly.

The Martha Stewart Pastel Gerbera Bouquet also caught my eye. If you don't like the two colors mixed and you prefer to have either pink or the yellow, they could arrange that for you and its called Martha Stewart Buttercream Gerbera Bouquet and Martha Stewart Pale Pink Gerbera Bouquet.

Visit and check out those bouquets that would take your breath away if it materializes physically!

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