Friday, April 04, 2008

Cover Girl?

You bet!

I was tagged by Lady Norms while Ate Nona tagged my Dance of Life blog.

I know I posted it a bit late.... (and I'm making a career of posting tags late.)

But, here it is.....

Tagging anyone who wants to do it!


  • Finally got "The Only Thing Between Us" book by Pamela Santos.
  • For the first time I played "Paint Ball" with friends/sisters/brothers.

Book Review: Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch


Ann said...

Wow! Maria Clara ang dating.

Pepe said...

Bagay na bagay a he-he....! Iba na talaga ang nagagawa ng technology ngayon ano ha-ha....! First time na lumabas ang program na yan, akala ko talaga tutuo yung picture ng instructor namin sa school na nasa time magazine ha-ha....!

tina said...

Ate Ann: Hehe.

Pepe: Oo nga eh. amazing na ang technology!

Sidney said...

I want to buy that magazine!

nona said...

ay gusto kong bilhin iyang magazine na iyan :D
Ganda ah! Thanks for doing this tag Tina, wow...nakaka access na ako sa blogger. Namiss ko dito :)

tina @ angelblush said...

Sidney: wow! it would be a hit then. :P

Nona: wow. may buyers na ako. oo nga te... na miss ka na ni blogger!! hehe. so glad you can visit this blog.. :)

snippets said...

ganda! :)
thanks for the visit!

Ashish said...

It's a nice blog you have! :)
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