Friday, February 15, 2008

Red Cross

Kuya Denz just had a dream last Monday. He said he dreamed of seeing our car (sorrento) with a Red Cross at the back.

And just like some peculiar event, a dream and it is suddenly real we spent two days in and out of two hospitals.

Feb.13: We went to visit our relative who gave birth to a not-fully-developed child who died after childbirth. It was the daughter-in-law of my Mom's Aunt who sent her to school and so we owe as much to her and right now they need all the support they can get. With us, was my Aunt Emee, Uncle Boy and Ate Precious, my nurse cousin who took a 3day leave and just in time to help out. It's amazing how God plans the support team and everything is done with smooth perfection.

We also visited a relative who stayed one month in the hospital and was in a motorcyle accident.

It was Heart's Day. And early in the morning I rushed out to go to the hospital and assist our relative whose child just died. The Red Cross at our car's back was prolly meant for the dead child, because the child was placed there when the body was released.

Later in the night we also visited our cute cousin Luis at Mission Hospital. He was also confined there last night because he kept vomiting whenever he gets to eat something. I think they were released yesterday.

and so I guess that just summed up my birthday and Valentine's.

Have a great Weekend!

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Lazarus said...

belated happy birthday, tina! I hope all is well with you despite the many unfortunate events in your week.

Have a blessed weekend!

tina said...

lazarus: All is well despite everything. thanks for the greet!

tutubi philippines said...

uy belated happy bday din. things will get better

Ann said...

Belated Happy birthday Tina!

acey said...

a late happ birthday tina :) and sorry about the baby... :(

Ethyl Alcohol said...

Belated Happy Birthday Tina. Hope things turn well..

Cielo said...

belated happy birthday tina.

in that case, I wish you good health for you and your family.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hello tina! Belated Happy Birthday to you and hope things go well with you and your family

aL|e said...

is everything okay now Tin?
about don sa baby, cguro will talaga God iyon... cguro may iba xang plans...

you mentioned about Kuya Denz, kmusta na xa? haven't seen him at the mIRC for so long---minsan na lang kasi ako 2matambay don... hehehe

take care!

Wedding Glitters said...

belated happy bday!
i can relate to the baby's loss. i just lost mine last month when I had bleeding. well, God's ways is not our ways. He has other good plans for the daughter in law of your mom's aunt.

Tisha said...

hi i'm tisha.. i just found your blog through google. i was reading your entry about envy.. it was really helpful because i actually need to do a presentation about envy tomorrow. so i just wanted to say thank you. and its cool your filipina too! so am i!
take care

angelo said...

Hi Tina! Sorry to hear about your sad news. Dreams like that scare me sometimes. Hope you're doing well. Take Care.