Monday, February 11, 2008

A Question

There are so many questions in life that needs to be answered and so many "why's?" and "what if's?". But, we often disregard those questions all because we feared questioning or we feared the answers themselves.

I don't like to ask "Why?". It's something I got from school. Asking somehow makes someone look dumb. Asking, means you did not make your homework. I know, I know we don't all think that "asking" is dumb. In fact my mom always reminds me that "If you question a lot of things, you get many answers. Maraming tanong, Maraming alam". But, you see during those times I couldn't get the drift. I learned to just sit still and listen to the teacher drone on and on about History, Science, Math, Religion, you name all the subjects.

But, of course there is a point in your life where you get to undo those habits. And that habit of just sitting back and not to question about anything that involves life are one of those habits.

All questions have their own answers. And no one question are unanswered. "But those answers are not constant", Einstein would say to you. Just like "humans", Answers have a tendency to change as we go along.

And so, if you have a question always "ASK" and never dismiss it like I used to do. Ask. Ask. Ask like a kid. The answers may not come right away. The answers might come to different forms, like a book you are reading, a line from the movie you just watched, a friend you bumped into, a billboard sign, and even from nature itself.

"Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves." - Rainer Maria Rilke.

Wait. Live your questions. Then ask. Be open to the changes that the answers would bring forth. Answers to our questions will come. It won't always come from one person, because no one person has all the answers.

Remember: The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

Ask and it shall be given, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it shall be opened.


Happy Birthday: Kath and Nico C.

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Sidney said...

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. -Albert Camus-

pam said...

ang nice ng reflection mo dear. :) uy, namiss kita. hehe. =D

ann said...

Si tin2 ko ang daming tanong mula pa nung maliit sya and I'm glad she grew up smart and intelligent.

Ferdz said...

Some people think that "asking" is like a form of vulnerablity or weakness which isn't true. It's being open to things and expanding your awareness. Wow lalim. hehe.

Anyways it's better to ask than doing things looking dumb. Sabi nga ni Jesus di ba "ask and you shall receive" hehe

tina said...

Sidney: makes sense..

Pam: namiss rin kita pam!

Ann: hehe. uu nga... ganyan ung mga kids.. dami tanong noohh? :P

Ferdz: yup yup. lalim nga.. hehe

angelo said...

Well said Tina. You know Einstein was right, sometimes the answer to a question changes. It all depends on your perspective I guess.

Cielo said...

ang sabi nga sa akin ni mama ko, kung hindi ka magtatanong habang buhay na hindi mo alam, mas morbid si dad ko, kung hindi daw magtatanong habang buhay na tanga.

i love this portion of ur post
"But, of course there is a point in your life where you get to undo those habits. And that habit of just sitting back and not to question about anything that involves life are one of those habits."

Mon said...

Pagbata ka at tanong ka ng tanong ibig sabihin matalino ka.. pero pagtanda mo... ahem...

PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ka birthday mo si skinny angel.

ghee said...

youre right,smart girl!thre are always answers for questions,but some will remain unanswered for reasons,too!

Happy Bday to us!!yay!!

Happy Valentine`s Day!!


orange said...

nice reflection :) Happy V-Day!

Ethyl Alcohol said...

Happy V-day Tina! Hope you could find answers to your questions! :) Godbless!

Marjie said...

funny, this reminds me of a couple of christian reasearchers that knocked on my door this afternoon. they wanted me to take a survey while they communicate about the bible and what it means to people. the "second coming" was mentioned, and when I told them that I don't believe in it, they asked "why?".

of course I gave them an answer just to avoid being rude, but if they only wanted me on the survey, i think they should've just left it at that point.

in the end, they asked: would you like to know more about the bible?
I said: NO, I know enough about God in my heart already :).

funny, funny!

DrWiz said...

"The only stupid question is the one you don't ask." - That makes lot of sense, Thanks a lot dear

fingertalks said...

happy heart's day tina. soweee for not visiting ur blog, am still on hiatus. would be back to blogging next month. just dropped by to greet u...

God bless and warm regards.

kerslyn said...

hi! cute to exchange links? Thanks!

Holy Kamote said...

MATTHEW 7:8 - For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.