Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another Affair

I've noticed the trending in Filipino movies about infidelity, lately.

At first came in, No Other Woman. And though, I hate to say it, I watched this with my Tita who really wants to watch it with me. You see, she's from a province and it was a rare request, and so I just tagged along. It happened. But, it had a good ending. I guess, I felt it was kinda okay.

Then came..... A Secret Afair. Okaaaaaay. Then... The Mistress.......

What are they teaching kids now?

Movies reflect our culture. Seems like our culture when it comes to commitment....  is slowly going down the drain.

I know probably its all about money..... since I heard: "No Other Woman" earned a lot and is prolly one of the highest grossing films from last year.... (and yeah, I was responsible for 3 seats that time).

But, but, but, oh welll....... just airing this out. I know.. to each his own... and its quiet sad to see, it's slowly probably becoming a "norm".  But, is normal.... really healthy?

And we all know.... that when it hits mainstream... and everybody is doing it..... well, who cares?

Ok, wait till I have myself an affair. And I'll say what's on the other end. But, I clearly know how it feels like being on the receiving end. And it sucks.

Either way, the people on the other end.... will either do the same thing out of revenge, like the one in "The Mistress".... or.... the person will go through his journey of aches and pains... of never wanting to commit na. But, that's life right? It can't all be rosy and rainbows.....

Anyway, this will give more jobs and money  to psychologists, counselors, marriage advisor.... and booze , motels, hotels, make-ups, clothes, plastic surgeries, weight loss products...  etc.

Note: These are just my ideas, opinions and reflections. Nothing against people into secret affairs... because once again.... "to each his own". I'm just concerned, how this will be in the future.

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tin-tin said...

i agree. is having an affair totally rampant already?