Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hello November!

I don't know why I'm saying hello to November.... but maybe because I feel this month has a lot in store for me. Haha. Sweet surprises perhaps?

So.. yeah... November please be good to me.....

I've been in and out of town lately. Thus the lack of updates.

Will probably talk about my seminar-venture in UAE.

There were no Desert Safari for me, or any of those gold stores or whatever. Just plain visit to four states of UAE. and the hoarding of gadgets. Hardly hoarding. Just the essentials. Nyahahaha.

But, I'm definitely coming back for the desert safari.... one day. And, I better have me a husband... it's hard to get a SINGLE WOMAN a VISA to visit Qatar, Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf countries. But, well... that's not the priority. I'll go to countries where it's easy to get me a single woman a visa... like, say.... Europe. Wooohoo.


Angelo said...

Have a great November Tina! Enjoy your travels :)

Jakey Junkie The Bunny said...

Sama ako! Sama ako!

Well, here's to the best of fortunes in-store for you this month, and the next, and to infinity!

dimaks said...

and before you know it, you are singing christmas carols :)

Nona said...

Hi Tina, hope November would give you more and great opportunities. Have a safe trip and have fun.
Btw, my akoni site is having a problem. This is my new site at the moment. Good news, I can now visit blogspot sites. Yay!

Raft3r said...


College Papers said...

Well November is my own month. Because i am Scorpio :)