Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dengue Fever

and yes... it is indeed rampant nowadays.

People I know have been getting dengue. Here and there and everywhere.

I don't have the CURE. Because, nothing can fight off DENGUE, or any disease for that matter.... EXCEPT YOUR BODY.

Yes, your body. Your BODY IS THE BEST DOCTOR. Our body is designed to WARD OFF DISEASES. And, it's really amazing.

But, why do people get sick?

It is because we haven't been supplying our body the right amount of vitamins and nutrients to boost our IMMUNE SYSTEM. It's like in some computer game where you need IMMUNITY or else you lose your HEALTH fast. Our Maker also provided us with FRUITS, VEGETABLES and HERBS for that.

But, lately... nobody is eating right. Thus, our immune system weakens and all sorts of diseases unheard of back in the old days are appearing.

It's like a car who runs on diesel. But, you kept giving the car GAS.. and not the diesel it needs. So, it will malfunction.

Anyway, since we are talking about DENGUE... i'm gonna be suggesting... a sure fire way of boosting your immune system specially if you are in the hospital suffering from DENGUE.

I tell you, I have known lots of cases.... whose platelet count ranges from 10-100 and by drinking this stuff.... you wouldn't need blood transfusion... and you get out of the hospital the soonest. Other people respond really fast... the next day they were given the "discharge slip". And we have cases who have been to ICU already... and they get off the next day.

I have access of this certain "supplement" but you can also have other alternatives should you know anybody selling the same thing. I just wanted less "mortality rate" when it comes to DENGUE... because HONESTLY... it is as EASY as one, two, three. and it saddens me when I hear countless of kids dying from something which I know I can be of help.

Of course I can't barge in on the hospitals or the media that I know of "something" which can help your BODY FIGHT OFF DENGUE. I repeat, YOUR BODY FIGHTING OFF DENGUE. This supplement is not the CURE. IT will just AID your BODY. (I don't want the medical doctors raging on and on about claiming i have the cure because I don't).

Now, i know.. CONVENTIONAL DOCTORS would be against this. Although, I've known open minded DOCTORS who doesn't delve into "belief" but focuses on the facts and results.

(the products i have access with... got INSURANCE or PRODUCT LIABILITY and got awards as the "best herbal supplement" year 2005. and im not gonna be posting the brand. You can just message me here and give me your number and i will get back to you.)

but then...

Uhmm i was searching online and all that. I wanna give the names here in this post sana but.... im opting to give you the names if you are interested through text message or email na lang. I don't wanna ruffle feathers of the medical field and the pharamaceuticals company. :)

and here is one of my favorite documentary of all time after The Secret and the 11th Hour:



Anonymous said...


pam said...

siguro nga, a matter of discipline din talaga. we should take care of ourselves kasi ngayon, ginto magkasakit! lol.

i mean, ang hirap sa bulsa, ang hirap din makarecover especially from dengue

Mari said...

Yeah, it's our immune system that fights off whatever illness we have, unless of course, it's one of those catastrophic ones.

Nortehanon said...

Hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan ang dengue na yan.

I was in college, the office I worked for stationed me at the Department of Health main office, katabi lang siya ng Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital. Then, umuso ang dengue somewhere in Manila and there were lots of dengue cases admissions in the hospital, most of them children. Tapos, nung one time, tinawag kami ng isang doctor at kitang-kita ko talaga kung gaano nahirapan ang isang bata dahil sa dengue. I could see blood coming out of him. Sa mukha, hindi ko na alam if it was from his ears or nose. The boy died. And I felt really, really bad.

tina said...

Pam: oo nga eh.

Ate Mari: yup yup. amazing ang pagka design sa body.

Miss N: i also had dengue when i was like uhmm.. 9 y/o. back then, wala pa mga herbs. buti i recovered.