Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 4 - Your Sibling

Well.. I have two.

I am the eldest.

Then there's Darlene..... :)

She's as sweet as honey but as grumpy as a bear when you catch her in one of her moods. We share a room since FOREVER. I'm kind of lemme see.. disorganized while she is very orderly. She'd smile when she would catch me sweeping the floor of our room or try to arrange my wild array of books. I occupy most of the cabinets surrounding our room, by the way.

She's very picky when it comes to clothes. Preferring to have her own style. Usually she dons on a skirt and a jacket with a hoodie. Yes, always a jacket. The safest gift I could prolly give her is that. A jacket. Because if i buy her some dress or a blouse, she might wrinkle her nose.

She hates it whenever I would watch a certain movie before her. Specially if it involves the Twilight Saga. So, i always make it a point to watch it with her first.

She loves to draw... and she has a sweet voice. She rarely sings in public because she says she is shy. But, whenever i am around... I push her to sing. Hehe. She'd grudgingly sing... and I'm sensing she enjoys it, she's just too shy to admit it.

She loves anything chinky. Korean. Chinese. Japanese. Taiwanese. Tae Young. KPop. Kim Bum. Polpot. Chairman Mao. Kim Chi. Lychee. She'd make me watch Korean movies, korean MV's and to my dismay it awakens the cheesy melodramatic self inside of me.

She's a ball of emotions. Artistic. And most of all a sister. :)

I don't tell her about my love life - that much. Not the details. But, she knows when I am in love or not. She knows how to make "zee smile" appear. By, just mentioning the right name.... and "ka-boom" she'd catch me. And then, she'd know. That's having a sister. You don't need to tell it all... but she knows. Oooh yeah.. she knows.

*gives Darlene a sweet bear hug*

There's my BIG little brother Paolo.

Yeah. BIG. Since, he is taller than me. :(

Sometimes he frustrates me by being a Peter Pan lately. Maybe, because he knows there's always someone around to pick up his slack. But, then right now... we are just making him enjoy his "high school" life.

He is very happy-go-lucky. He plays soccer. He is friendly. But, if you get on his nerves... you would really get on his nerves. LOL. I could name three people he is completely annoyed with. When he sees them, he would boil.

Most of the time, he is cute. When he would ask me, what gel to use, what spray's got the best scent. Or when he asks me: "Is what I'm wearing, Ok?".

We get into fights most of the time, specially when I ask him to do this, get that, throw this, call that. But, I think that's very common. One good thing about him, is that he doesn't hold on to his grudges for long. Only with those 3 people.

He loves to tease me too. And I tease him back.

I wonder.... how it would be if he actually makes "ligaw" one of these days.

Would he ask me, what to give his would-be girlfriend? Would he even? I doubt he would if I would tease him about it. I think i'll lay off the teasing. :)

So, yeah... those are my siblings in a nutshell. :)


I don't think I can post those "DAYS". It's not as exciting as I started. Oh well.

Back to my random posts.

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Anonymous said...

tell darene to stay on her arts.i'm always happy when i get to know people who loves to draw as much as i do.

and paolo must be so good on football. i just hope that the sports will bloom here. nagustuhan ko lalo yung laro after nung world cup. hindi nga lang ako marunong.

Anonymous said...
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tina said...

duking: will tell Darlene bout that... ako rin mahilig manood. i tried watching one of their games once. migahd. parang pumunta ako sa beach. sunburn ang inabot ko. haha. mainit ung field eh. :)