Friday, August 08, 2008


Searching my drafts... I found this tag... I might as well do it before I forget all about this...

and besides how fitting.. it's 8/8/8 today.

every church is full for weddings, baptisms.....
new business establishments waited for this day to have their grand opening...

and would it be lucky if the guy would propose today? would the girl really say yes? :)

Tagged by Pepe and Ate Nona and Ate Naomi tagged my Dance of Life blog.

The Rules:
Each person should post the rules first before their lists, then they should write 8 things about themselves, tag and link 8 other people and then let those people know that they had been tagged so they will know what to do....


  1. I am a person who enjoys talking to people with the same "wavelength" as mine. I kind of find it hard to keep a good conversation flowing if the wavelengths don't match. Not that I don't like to talk but it's just a bit hard... if the wavelength's a bit off? you know what I mean?

  2. When it comes to chips I prefer Taquitos, Kornets and Cheese Ring. Any cheese flavored chips will do also.
  3. I love books. This is actually an obvious fact and since this is totally random I am including it here na lang. Check Espresso Break.
  4. Enjoys traveling. But, when it comes to traveling - I enjoy road trips better.
  5. Is curious about other dimensions, angels, and a whole lot of mysterious, enchanting things. I don't talk much about it though. Oh, actually it depends on who I am talking too.
  6. mildly interested in Psychology. is amazed at Avy for having this course. oh and Chaya, for wanting to take it up here.
  7. loves the rain.
  8. enjoys collecting notebooks. Hehe.


Mari said...

I collect the same stuff as you do: notebooks, pens and pencils. It is so hard for me to resist these things. I see pens that are so old already, but I still buy 'em. They are in excellent condition. I see them at yard sales or flea markets. I have a bunch of them already.

Good to know you enjoy these things a normal person does.

Have a great day!

Pretty Life Online said...

yeah 888 just a luck numbers... that's why if you want this number for cellfone or car plate we have to pay more... Just passing by and reading your updates... Please help me! I was nominated for Pinoyworld blog of the week. Hope you can vote me at

tutubi said...

hmmm...i have an old post about these 8 things here though I don't really do memes :P

i love 8...if only i can have an * as plate number for my "kuruma"

nona said...

No. 5 - i am into it! Mahirap lang makahanap ng kausap pagdating dito.
And no 8.-haha,mahilig din ako magcollect ng notebook, any size...and pens too. ;)
Thanks for doing the tag Tina.

marc said...

I LOVE the rain! Most of my childhood was spent at home playing video games because our country's sewage system sucks and every few hours of rain meant classes were suspended ;)

Interesting blog here. Exchange links? :)

aL|e said...

waaaaaaaaaa...dili ko makasend ug messagesa chatbox.