Thursday, February 10, 2011

GK Bayani Challenge 2011

Hey guys!!

I just found out about this Gawad Kalinga Challenge last week at Tumblr. And it captured my interest. I would be joining... at the same time look for others to join in on the fun as well.

What made me excited is that you can choose the GK Experience you want.
Theres the Building of Homes, Paraisong Pambata, School Build, Island Greening, Farm Build and
Health Mission.

It's a 5-day test of courage, endurance and love for country where teams of 15 people go on an adventure to plant hope on ground by building a community and fostering friendships and camaraderie.- GK Website

Just in case you wanna join in on the Summer 5-day Challenge at Bantayan Island, Cebu on April 4-9, 2011... just visit their page: Bayani Challenge 2011.

I haven't booked for a flight yet.. so me joining is not final. Nothing's final until I'm booked. Do tell.. if you are coming... para kita kits na lang tayo dun! =)


kg said...

i want i want!

kaya lang can't afford na ako to take a leave that long from work!

richard said...

waaaaaaaa! i'll try. i need sponsors. lol

Raft3r said...

maganda yan

happy v day, tina
san ang date!

dimaks said...

wow, this must be a great event. but work sked prevents big time :) sana makasali ka, sayang ang experience at opportunity.

Heff said...

I donate to GK from time to time. I will work hard this year and try to donate one house.

Mari said...


Wish I could go, but it's too far, and can't afford the plane ticket.

Thanks for the visit,


Raft3r said...

booked the flight yet?

tina said...

KG: sayaaangg..

richard: sige naaaa. join na.

dimaks: sayang namaaann!

Heff: that sounds great!

Ate Mari: thanks for visiting! wish youd be there as well.

tina said...

raft3r: not yetttt!!! i dont have the team! sister cant come they still have classes. adventures are fun with backups right? im harassing some friends.. (lemme see if im good at it).

dodong flores said...

I'd like to join but we'll also be going for a family reunion in Cotabato. Too bad :(

Sige. Good luck for the challenge!

Anonymous said...

your blog theme is so refreshing... with flowers all over the place :)

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