Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 1: Your Best Friend

This is funny.

I had to think long and hard for this post.

Because up until now, I don't have what they call the "best friend".

I always think a best friend is the one you were with since childhood. I have this "best friend" ideal. And for so long a time... ever since I was younger.. my whole search was focused on having one.


It wasn't about boys or mates, but merely about having a BEST FRIEND. and many a time, i have called some friends.. "BEST FRIEND"

but, the ones I call those.. are not people I am close to right now.

If not, we are deemed to strangers... it's as if.. we silently ask ourselves "were we really friends?"

In High School... I was more on to being with a group rather with a single "BEST FRIEND".

Siguro, i have long given up the hope about finding one.

The LESSON for me?

I was so focused on the ideals... that a slight imperfection can make me go away. A slight deviation of "what should be" would make me want to start something new with a different friend. I realized I wasn't looking for a BESTFRIEND. and that I never really understood what it really means. I was like a woman looking for Mr. Right. In my case, the PERFECT FRIEND.

Now? I don't have the "I have to have a BEST FRIEND syndrome".

I've learned through time that some people are just downright blessed to have a "soul mate" right by their side growing up. And that ever since they were young they know how to appreciate what it means to have a "best friend". And it doesn't mean my life isn't complete without that (because for awhile i thought it was everything).

and just early last year.... I began to REALLY, WHOLEHEARTEDLY appreciate all my FRIENDS. and that friendship isn't something exclusive you can share with just one person but with the rest of the world. (i know it sounds crazy, i thought it was like that before... )


I realized ... I can never appreciate my FRIENDS around me... if I don't know how to be a BEST FRIEND to MYSELF.

Yeah, i don't have a specific "best friend", like in those movies.... but, I have ME. my other self. the one who knows everything. the one who braves to confront the darkest parts of me. the one who loves. the one who knows whether im happy or sad.

and what's the good news?

I'm not exclusive.

My friendship extends to everybody around me. And that... in everything... I'll be my BEST.

*blows kisses*

P.S. my heart is still warmed whenever i see childhood best friends walking past me.




Anonymous said...

hi,magandang araw!

friends come and goes.tingin ko,tama ka for saying na finding the bestfriend in yourself is the best way to have a 'bestfriend' in your life.

wow.ang daming idea nang naka line up to blog about.che check ko nang madalas 'to.

Anonymous said...
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pam said...

i really agree with this post. :) ako rin, i share the same sentiment.

tin-tin said...

funny.. coz i was just thinking about that earlier.
there had been some friends who others thought are my bestfriend. i think i won't blame them. i don't consider them as my bestfriend, kaya napaisip ako.. sila ba they consider me as theirs?

yun lang

Angelo said...

Hi Tina! My best friend is Nermal, and we met when I was in my 20's hehe.... actually I have a best friend from high school and no matter for how long we don't see each other coz it's like old times whenever we hang out again. I'm sure you've got one of those.

dodong flores said...

There are friends that you thought they are your best friends. Overtime and when your far apart for quite a long time, the mutual feeling gradually dissipates, realizing hindi pala sila ang best friends mo. But in almost telenovela I watched, almost every main character (the lead role) had always their best friends a.k.a. sidekick.
Hmmm... I still have to check kung my best friend ba ako...