Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surf, Sand, Fire and Party

Photo: (Taken at Botona Beach Resort, it's the whole stretch of Dahican Beach in Mati. Kanakbai Beach Resort is on the other side).

Hi guys!

This year, I had one of the best birthday (every year.. it's always BEST for me!). I was out of town, with my childhood friends whom I considered as real brothers and sisters. We went out for Maranatha's debut.

From L-R: Darlene, Ate Jill, Me, Cris, Paolo H., and Walter at Kanakbai Beach Resort, Dahican (Mati)

We took off early in the morning, and my sister and I got around to helping the "decorators" of the venue who happened to be my childhood friends. Everyone (including us) was a bit groogy, because we all slept late or didn't sleep at all the night before since we all have to do last minute stuffs. (I was the one in charge for our surprise video presentation).

It was all crazy, really... we finished late with the decoration because we thought there were locals who would help us with the decoration, but no help came and if there was ever one... they came in late na rin. And we went to the party with no make up at all because there was only one bathroom and the party was about to start. The venue and the accommodation of the guests is like a 5-8 minutes ride.

Photo: (us with the debutante... like a fairy doll).

Anyway, despite all that.... it was arguably FUN! The debutante was the star of the night... unlike the usual (princessy debut which I had), it was fairly-like and of course hawaiian. She was the only one who was allowed to wear white. One thing I enjoyed was the "fire dance" and the hawaiian dance by the debutante and her mother at the last part. :)

that was February 13.... and it was also my birthday...

I told everyone to forget my birthday and give the day to Maranatha. And everyone was pretty accommodating. But, when the party ended and the debutante was entertaining the rest of her guests at Botona where we were all housed, everyone sang a "happy birthday" to me. *how sweet of them*

That night, was one of the best nights because I saw the diamond glittered star-filled sky. It was like a blanket of stars and I was barefoot with the sound of the waves and the wind howling at the background and the air was it's usual refreshing self. *swoons* Could this get any better? Too bad, I don't have pictures of the star-filled blanket of a sky.... it will forever be in my mind though. -_- *i have simple delights! just gimme nature.. and id be beaming with joy*

That night, we were good girls and boys... all we had was cake and coke. Bread breaking, eh? The modern way. Haha. :)

We just talked underneath the sky and with the sound of the waves lulling us to sleep. We slept around 3 in the morning like sardines because of the limited rooms.
There was like 13 of us in the room. It was crazy. :)

Photo: Don't mind the eyebags, please... -_-

Some of us woke up around 5-6am to scout for the surfer dudes to give us surfing lessons. And came the best "Valentine's everrrrrr". We talked to the guys from "Amihan sa Dahican". They were a nice lot. Too bad, I wasn't able to try the surfing.. I had the tide. Get my drift, please. The beach was bare save, for us. Perfect for beginners to surf. :)

I fell in love watching them surf. It made me want to go back to Dahican.

By the way, they have an upcoming Skim Competition this April. You can search them on Facebook and add them: Amihan Sa Dahican, for more information regarding their competition. You can also donate something for the said competition. :)

It was a good memory... and yes... I can't wait to go back to Dahican... I discovered a lovely place 3 hours away from Davao... =)

Surfing photos on my other post na lang.... :)

I know this is late... but how was your Valentine's? Or Chinese New Year? :)


Cedric said...

First off, belated happy birthday. Ganda naman ng pinuntahan nyo? San sa Davao yan? Been to Samal Island around 4 years ago, and I could say that it's one of the best places I've been to, including its rough roads and great beaches. :D

tina said...

It's in Mati, Davao Oriental. 3 hours away pag private car... or van ride. Pero pag bus it's 5 hours due to stop overs. :)

ITS LOVEEEELYYYY!!! you better visit the place. *swoons*

Cebu said...

Hi thanks for adding me.. na add na rin kita dito:

thanks again.

Angelo said...

Looks like a fun debut Tina! The picture of the beach looks fantastic. I could also picture the star filled sky that you described. It must have been awesome. I miss the stars, don't see much in the big city.

It's a small world I recognized the debutante's name from facebook, we have common friends pala...

Sorry you couldn't comment on my last post... it was meant for my ex, I didn't think anybody would want to comment hehe. Your prayer is a very good one and a very mature one. It's the right attitude and the right approach when it comes to those matters... I know this from my own experience with her.

Take care and move on, you're young so don't pass up on new opportunities in the love department.

Great to see you online again!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi tina,

belated bday wishes n greetings to you, too.

ganda ng mga pics mo......akala ko somewhere outside from pinas.

saya-saya nyo din.

thank you very much for the greetings for our 50th bday,too.

have a nice day.


thanks for sharing your bday happenings.

ghee said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!

sorry for my ignorance,Tins,saan ung Mati? ahh,ayan sa comment mo,Davao pala,hehe

well,you yourself had a blast din!!so much fun to spend your bday outdoor with your friends! ang ganda ng beach,malinis at ang night effect ay very cool!

i really wanna go to davao someday...sana next time,ma pursue ko na ung plan. :)

good to see that youre blogging pa rin!

jojo said...

Ah, what a lovely place. How I wish I could also celebrate my debut to that paradise island.(laughter)

Cedric said...

Wow, medyo malayo rin pala. But by the looks of it, it's worth the trip naman. :D

dodong flores said...

That's a lot of fun!

Belated Happy Birthday, Tina.

Hey, you were in my links for long time already. But your site was of different title then. I updated it just right now...

Nortehanon said... ako sa party. So sprry Little Sis :( :( :(