Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants

Category: Movies

Genre: Chick Flick

Director: Ken Kwapis

Tagline: Laugh. Cry. Share the pants.

Casts: Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bedel, America Ferrera, Blake Lively, Jenna Boyd, Bradley Whitford, Nancy Travis, Rachel Ticotin, Mike Vogel and more.

Overview and Review of the movie Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants directed by Ken Kwapis

This movie is based on a book written by Anne Brashares. Four best friends(Lena, Brash, Tibby and Carmen) spends their summer for the first time, away from each other. Before they part ways to different places for the summer, they found a magical pair of jeans that fits all of them perfectly event though they have various shapes and size. They made an agreement to share the pants the whole summer with each other and to keep in touch and write something wonderful that happened along with it because they believe it's magic.

What the four best friends had - is one DREAM FRIENDSHIP for every girl out there. Their bond is sooo good and you can see they accept each other unconditionally. Like sisters born in different families. This movie is all about their one summer where they are apart for the first time. It's a heartwarming coming of age story (and it can make you cry and laugh).... and the chemistry of the four young actresses were good and that's what makes this movie pretty special.

I also like the lines they came up with... because there's truth in it.

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