Monday, July 02, 2007

Full Moon

Scene One

Me: Ma, Ate C. made a scene at the office last night. { explains why }

Mama: Was the moon full last night?

Me: Yes.

Scene Two

Me: Auntie... Ate C. acted up last night..

Aunt: mhmmm....lunatics... was the moon full?

When my aunt mentioned the word "lunatic" in relation to the full moon, I suddenly realized why lunatics were called as that.

As everyone is aware by now "lunatic" came from the word lunar which means moon.

Lunatics have a tendency to act up and be worse when the moon is full, it's what happened to Ate C. Everyone who knew her and who frequents in the office knows about her condition. She's not exactly "that" crazy or whatsoever... but somehow may "pagka".

The night the moon was full an issue triggered her and she kept on ranting and raving in front of oh so many people. It was the peak hour of the night where everyone's making their transactions. I'm sure to those who knew her would understand her but to the new ones... oh well... I wonder what's going on in their mind.

So... nowww... everyone's on the lookout for "full moons" and careful not to offend her or anything.


It's been a problem for mayors, specially for Mayor Duterte in Davao about minors who cannot be jailed due to the law that prohibits it. I've heard about this issue last year, where all the minors who were caught would just present their birth certificate and claim to be a minor and they would get away from charges like murder, rape, and stealing.

There was this guy who was murdered by a minor at a funeral. The relative of the victim who were all "of age" beat up the murderer and brought him to the precint. The murderer's parents brought out his birth certificate and said he was a minor making the police people incapable of jailing the murderer. Instead, the parents of the murderer brought out charges to the relatives of the victim who beated him up.

Children that disobeys the law would just shout at the police "I'm a minor. You can't put me to jail!". Gang wars continued to be unstoppable.

In Mayor Duterte's show "Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa" he said: "The man who made the bill and the congress people who approved of it does not know a thing or two about being a mayor or was never a mayor."

The senator who made the bill (di ko na sasabihin kung sino... na disappoint nga ako.. siya pala ang gumawa noon) based it in Europe where the society is far more different from ours. They have this kind of law BUT they have institutions that would take over the minor law breakers... and we don't have that... YET.

I do hope when they made the bill they have checked the effects and all....

It was not balanced. They overlooked a lot of things.

If I am a minor I can certainly steal and kill and then get away with it until I turn 18. Every kid knows that. Every minor who breaks the law knows that.

Mayor: "If they don't do something.... I would supply the grenades and s**** (i forgot the term that could have mean Indian Pana) and have them fight and kill each other. Good people should hide and stay up from them. At least in that way..... devils would be sorted out." ("ako na ang mag supply sa granada ug s**** unya mag pinatyanay na sila. Katong mga maayong tao... panago na lang mo ug palayo sa ila. Para mabawasan ug yawa ang atong dakbayan."

Funny how mayor said that. Nyahaha. Kind of makes sense. I do hope people in the senate would do something about this. :)


Have a great week ahead GUYS! :) Stay happy!


jireh said...

halu :) back in Bacolod, my alma mater, University of St. La Salle, opened the BAHAY PAG-ASA YOUTH CENTER, this is for all the youth who are in conflict with the law :) This is what each city and municipality needs but they should have generous patrons and benefactors to sustain the needs of the children. Bahay Pag-asa is funded through the efforts of Kundirana :) check the website.. :)

fruityoaty said...

Actually, we just had a full "blue moon" (a rare occurence) here in my part of the world... (UTC time zone). The next "blue moon" is sometime in 2009.

It wasn't really blue at all... Kinda disappointing. I took a pic of it and posted it in my latest... strange entry.

len said...

nyahaha pag minsan tinotopak mom ko (term lang namin pag mainit ulo nya or sumthin) lagi namin cnasabi "bilog cguro buwan ngaun" hehehe about naman dun nga sa law pag minor ka pa d kpa pede ikulong nung una agree ako dun tama nga naman kc bata pa d pa dapat ikulong pro napaisip din ako d nya ba iniisip yung mga consequences ng ginawa nya eh kahit 5 yrs old alam naman kung anung mali at tama panu nga naman yung na biktima dba?? mtatagalan pa bgo ma bigyan ng hustisya yung nanyari sknya dba? ay naku wala aku ma say speechless no comment nlang hehe

CM said...

sana ma-approve ng senate yung proposal ni mayor. I wonder kung ganito rin dito sa Manila.

Abhijeet said...

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puklo said...

i dunno.. ewan, medyo mahina yata talaga ako sa political science.. akala ko, kinukulong pa rin yung mga menor de edad. juvenile delinquency tawag dun. [i hope i spelled it right.. ]. pinapalaya din pala.. sana napanood ko yung episode na yun ng gikan sa masa para sa masa.. iba talaga si mayor duterte bumitaw ng salita. lagapak.. heheh..

by the way, who's that senator? hehehhe.

MeL said...

May ganyan pala dyan sa Davao. Thanks for the info, Tina. Ang alam ko rin kasi dito sa Manila, kinukulong ang mga menor de edad na rugby boys, mga nandurukot at nagnanakaw.

In my opinion, tama lang ang ginawa ni Mayor Duterte. Sana ma-approve nga yang bill.

ychel said...

hey yah!

"bilog na naman ang buwan." the comment is always, nako may aswang mamya or hay nako, baliw ka na naman.haha! its funny how we say those words whcih has no connection at all siguro talagang superstitious na alng tyo at magawa ng kwento.

about the law, yeah here in italy they cant put minor into jails but they r given special punishment on wat they have done. coz they cant really just tolerate them. and ive heard here wen somebody reach 18 and they r under the influence of drugs police cant put them into rehabs coz the parents should be the one to put them there. like wala silang pakealam kasi of legal age na yung bata. unless they caught him. kasi dito pwede ang alam ko they are even allowed to have marijuana legally. like 10grams pero pag lumagpas na ng ganong timbang ang nakita nila syo dun k pa lang nila pwedeng kasuhan.

ehehe..haba na ng comment ko. =P just want to share this things. yake care tina and have a great week.mwahugs

chase said...

Well here minors dont go to jail but another government organisation takes hold of minors that are law breakers.

I knew some people who has this lunatic tendencies.

pam said...

kaya hindi umuunlad ang pinas. XD i hope nga ma-approve yan. but knowing the system, haay. XD

cat said...

I checked wikipedia if lunacy during full moon is a myth or it really has something to do with lunacy. Studies show that the behavior is inconsistent, some are showing positive effect and others behaving negatively during full moon. Lunar effects that have been found have little or nothing to do with human behavior nonetheless people still believe in these lunar myths because of misperception, folklore, traditions and even media.

anyway, that senator might be a lunatic and the people who voted for this bill are lunatics too. Murder and rape are serious crimes and both are punishable by death. I thought minors who perform criminal acts are considered juvenile delinquency and shouldn't just be freed. Come to think of it, they're minors and already committed a crime without prescribing procedures e.g. juvenile detention centers, how much more if they are already at their legal age.

zherwin said...

minors who committed crimes can be jailed, but not in the jail that we know, they would be put in something under the DSWD or those that deal with juvenile delinquents. a crime is still a crime even if it is committed by a minor.

Mari said...

Minors who break the law should be punished and taken to a juvenile facility, like Juvenile Hall or what is sometimes refer to as Reform School. These juvenile delinquents should learn that breaking the law have consequences.

Richmond said...

Baka naman natataon yung full moon sa menstrual cycle nya o sa ovulation nya. kaya nagkakaroon ng shift sa hormonal balance nya... kaya nagiging moody sya.

bluepanjeet said...

hello tina! I tagged you in my "Not again..." post :)

Kenneth said...

WHat bad ImpRessions Mayor Duterte have done to the society, not only in Davao? As for my opinion...none. He has done a great job in keeping Davao City low in crimes.

This is one heck of a disciplinarian, baby!

Hey! I've linked you on my "Makes Me Wonder" post...

God bless!

zherwin said...

hi tina, here's my email addies:

thanks thanks :)

bokbok said...

oo nga dapat kasi kapag minor na nagkasala meron nalang silang separate na paglalagyan, at doon sila turuan ng magandang asal. diba?

Donya Quixote said...

weh. yes they really should put up centers for juvenile delinquents. we have a looot of those cases in baguio, i tell you those "kids" can be such headaches.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so may mga tao talagang depende sa sikat ng buwan ang timpla? Siguro ako depende sa solar solstice.


Isa sa mga nagiging problema ng sistema natin, sa palagay ko, e 'yung pag-adopt natin ng mga batas at kung anuman sa ibang mga bansa na wala naman tayong direktang impluwensya mula sa kanila.

Bam the Great said...

Hehehe.. May pagkaLUNATIC din ako. hehe. Ang kaibahan nga lang, kahit ano pa ang phase ng moon, tinotopak talaga ako. Wahahaha!

Mishoo tin. :)